Glopety+ emerges from the need to provide differentiated products that effectively meet the needs of patients in veterinary medicine.

Glopety+ establishes itself as the beginning of a new line of technical nutraceuticals, distinguished by unique formulas developed and designed by and for veterinarians.

Glopety+ excels in having selected and high-quality ingredients in its products, with proven efficacy in scientific studies.

As a Campifarma brand, the experience and development of its technical department and the entire team have enabled the creation of this new line of Glopety+ products tailored to the reality of clinical veterinary medicine

Veterinary Expertise

The Glopety+ team is composed of highly experienced veterinarians and animal health professionals who are committed to offering products that reflect the real needs of animals.

Distinct Formulations

Each Glopety+ product is formulated with carefully selected ingredients, based on solid scientific research. Our unique formulations are developed to provide real and measurable results.

Guaranteed Quality

Glopety+ prioritizes quality in every aspect. We only use high-quality ingredients with proven efficacy in scientific studies, ensuring the health and well-being of animals.

Glopety+ Technical Nutraceuticals

Discover our complementary foods for dogs and cats


Nutritional support in oncological processes
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Nutritional support for renal function
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Support for normal digestive function
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Nutritional Support for Liver Function
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Nutritional support for joint protection
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